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Hosting starting at 11€ per month

As a service, web hosting provides a space for a website on the Internet. This allows other people to see and access your site. Valitse sopivin vaihtoehto vastaamaan tarpeitasi. Voit maksaa kuukausittain, puolen vuoden tai vuoden erissä (Hinnat ALV. 0%)

If you have limited amount of information on your site or you use the site as virtual business card, the Standard package is enough for you. If your goal is to use your site as an e-commerce store, we recommend Premium.

Standard 11€/month

132€ / per year

Standard package includes:

Pro 19€/month

228€ / per year

Pro include in addition to Standard:

Premium 49€/month

558€ / per year

Premium includes in addition to Pro:

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Creating your own website is easy, even for a novice. With an easy to use platform, you are able to create a site within an hour.

If you create your own site, you only pay for the hosting. In case you require help with the process, we are always ready to help.

Do you want some help with creating your site, but you don't want to switch your hosting service?

We are happy to help everyone to create their websites. We have created websites for companies in different industries using many different website editors. Tell us your plan, and we will make it a reality. 

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Käytämme evästeitä käyttökokemuksesi parantamiseen ja sinua kiinnostavan sisällön seurantaan. Jatkamalla hyväksyt evästekäytäntömme, ja annat oikeuden evästetietojesi turvalliseen ja luottamukselliseen käyttöön. Voit myös tutustua tarkemmin tietosuojaselosteeseen.