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Mikäli yritykselläsi on tarpeita muille verkkopalveluille, ota yhteyttä niin käydään tarpeesi yhdessä läpi. Kaikki hinnat esiteltyinä ilman arvonlisäveroa.

Pre-Made Packages


Business Emails

Pre-Made Packages

All the web services your company needs, in one package.

The packages were created so you don't need to order every service separately.

Additional services can be added to the packages based on your company's needs.

Mini 24,99/month

299€ / per year

Mini package includes:

Medium 34,99€/month

499€ / per year

Medium package includes:

Mega 44,99€/month

539€ / per year

Mega package includes:

Prices of Separate Services

Choose the web services best suited for your company. If you have any questions,, contact our team.


As a service, web hosting provides a space for a website on the Internet. This allows other people to see and access your site.

Choose the best option for your needs.

You can find more detailed information about the differences between the packages by visiting the Website Hosting- tab.

Standard 11€/month

132€ / per year

Standard package includes:

Pro 19€/month

228€ / per year

Pro package includes:

Premium 49€/month

558€ / per year

Premium package includes:


We design your website using the editor of your choice.

Primarily, we utilise Weebly and WordPress to build the website.

You are also able to design the website yourself. In that case, you only pay the hosting price.

WordPress 70€

/ per tab

WordPress is the recommended platform if the goal is to:

Weebly 40€

/ per tab

Weebly is the easiest platform to update a website:

Hourly wage 40€

/ per hour

Hourly wage we are here to help with:

Business Emails and Other Tools

Our goal is to make our customers lives easier. For this reason, we offer email services along with the website to minimize the need for multiple bills relating to web services.

G Suite

Google's G Suite includes a security encryption, which helps to keep your company's emails and files secured.

Get to know the differences between Basic and Business- packages,and choose the best option to suit your company's needs.

Basic 5€

user / month

G Suite Basic includes along with the email:

Business 10€

user / month

G Suite Business includes advanced features such as:

Microsoft 365

Previously known as Office 365, Microsoft 365 is the same familiar and secure service. 

We offer three different packages, which you can find more information on here.

Basic 4,90€

user / month

Microsoft Business Basic package includes:

Standard 10,90€

user / month

Microsoft Business Standard  package includes:

Premium 17,40€

user / month

Microsoft Business Premium package includes:

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